10 Heart-Warming Examples Of Bikers STEPPING UP And SAVING THE DAY


#3)Bruce Springsteen Finds Himself Stranded After Veterans Day Event – Bikers SAVE THE DAY!

Bruce Springsteen Saved By Bikers
Photo by Takahiro Kyono via Flickr (CC BY 4.0)

 As they were making their way home from a Veterans Day event, a group of American Legion bikers noticed a fellow rider was stranded on the side of the road.

When the bikers pulled over to assist, they realized that their fellow biker in need was none other than Rock n’ Roll legend – Bruce Springsteen!

After the bikers were unsuccessful in fixing his motorcycle, they allowed Springsteen to hop on the back of one of their own bikes and hung out with the rockstar at a local bar until a ride could come and get him.

One thing is for sure……. Bruce is thankful to those bikers that stepped-up and SAVED THE DAY!

Source: Palm Beach Post


#4)Heroic Biker JUMPS Into Action To Save Girl Trapped Under Flipped Car  

bikers save trapped woman
Biker pulls trapped woman out of flipped car – (Screenshot courtesy of You Tube)

 A young woman found herself trapped inside her car after it flipped on a busy freeway.

While most of her fellow motorists became nothing more than bystanders watching the tragedy unfold, one hero jumped off his motorcycle, grabbed a pocket knife and quickly set the young woman free.

bikers save woman trapped under flipped car
Biker uses pocket knife to cut trapped woman from flipped car – (Screenshot courtesy of You Tube)

After saving the damsel in distress, the biker simply jumped on his motorcycle and left the scene, leaving the responding police officers to take credit for the rescue.

bikers save woman from flipped car
Biker saves woman’s life and immediately leaves the scene – (Screenshot courtesy of You Tube)

Source: Daily Liked

#5) – Flood-Damaged Businesses Were Attracting Looters, Until These Bikers Stepped In And SAVED THE DAY!

Bikers Protect Citizens From Looters
Bikers Lloyd Spencer and Dave Cariss of The Drifters motorcycle club protect citizens against attacks from looters. Credit: Handout / The Guardian

After experiencing a devastating flood, motorcycle clubs throughout England decided to put their “tough guy” image to work for the people within their community.

With permission from the police, the bikers began to carry out patrols throughout the night protecting home and business owners from looters.

According to one of the bikers – “We are not there to hurt anybody. We are not there to scare anybody. We are just there as a presence to deter people who are trying to take what’s not theirs”.

The citizens within the community could focus all their energy restoring their families and businesses instead of worrying about being further violated by criminals thanks to the vigilant actions of these HERO BIKERS!

Source: Sunny Skyz