10 Heart-Warming Examples Of Bikers STEPPING UP And SAVING THE DAY


#6) – Female Bikers In Houston Join Forces To Do GOOD In Their Community

Female Bikers Do Good In Houston
Female bikers do their part to make Houston a better place – (Screenshot courtesy of ABC 13 News)

Members of The Tru Souljas, Steal Heels, and Dyme Peece (female motorcycle clubs in Houston) have joined forces to give back to their community.

These AWESOME gals say they have a lot of fun, however, their main goal is to put a positive stamp on their communities.

Female Bikers Do Good In Houston
Female bikers assemble to do good deeds throughout Houston – (Screenshot courtesy of ABC 13 News)

The group of bikers host several charitable events throughout the year including Operation Backpack, an all-female breast cancer ride, and a tailgate party for a food drive for the Harvest Hope Food Bank.

It’s safe to say – Houston residents are a LOT BETTER off because of these AMAZING BIKERS!

Source: ABC 13 News


#7)B.A.C.A Steps Up And SAVES The Life Of An Abused Teenage Girl

Bikers Save Teenage Girl
Bikers from B.A.C.A save the life of an abused teenager – (Screenshot courtesy of Yahoo Screen)

 Every year, members of Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A) provide protection and support to abused children across the country.

One such story involves a young teenage girl who goes by “FA”. She was a normal, happy, and energetic little girl until she began to suffer extreme abuse at the hands of her step-father.

Once FA’s mother realized what was happening she kicked her husband out of the house, but her daughter just wasn’t the same.

Sick of living in constant fear, FA’s mother contacted members of B.A.C.A and life was never the same for her daughter.

Bikers from B.A.C.A welcome an abused teenager into their group – (Screenshot courtesy of Yahoo Screen)

FA tells reporters that she will always remember the first time she saw the B.A.C.A crew roll up to her home – “There’s just all these bikes. There’s just all these huge – tall men and they were in their vests and boots, huge beards and strong-looking women”.

From that day on – no body was going to harm FA again. Her father was put in jail, but members of B.A.C.A continued taking her to school and made sure she was safe and happy.

Bikers from B.A.C.A escort an abused teenage girl to school – (Screenshot courtesy of Yahoo Screen)

HUGE THANKS to the B.A.C.A members across the nation!

Source: Little Things


#8) – Biker Gains Co-Pilot After RESCUING Abused Dog On Side Of The Road

Bikers save dog
Biker saves abused dog from side of road – (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Biker- Brandon Turnbow was in the middle of a routine ride to his father’s house when he spotted a man pull his truck over to the side of the road.

The biker watched in horror as the man on the side of the road proceeded to abuse a small white and tan terrier mix before throwing the dog in the air and quickly driving off.

Turnbow turned around and found the dog shaking and afraid on the side of the highway. The biker was able to comfort the dog and quickly decided to appoint him to the position of ‘Co-Pilot’.

Turnbow initially shared his experience in a Facebook post which garnered over 250K likes and nearly 100K shares!

This adorable little dog is surely grateful that a biker was nearby to SAVE THE DAY!

Source: Good News Network