10 Heart-Warming Examples Of Bikers STEPPING UP And SAVING THE DAY


#9) – When A Mentally Disabled 5-Year-Old Gets Bullied – Bikers HAVE HER BACK!

Bikers Stick Up For 5 Year Old
Members of the Punishers ride in to save the day – (Screenshot courtesy of You Tube)

After a 5-year-old girl suffering from mental disabilities (who wished to keep her identity private) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was bullied and physically assaulted on her way home from school –a local motorcycle club known as the Punishers decided to save the day!

According to Punisher member Aaron Holmes, “We rounded up all the bikes and we rode over to the little girl’s house and said hi”.

Members of the Punishers hanging out with their new friend – (Screenshot courtesy of You Tube).

The motorcycle group, whose members include law enforcement, EMS personal, and firefighters surprised the little girl by showing up at her house and assured her that they would always have her back! AWESOME job Punishers!

Source: Huffington Post

#10) – Bob’s Biker Blast Raises OVER 1.7 MILLION Dollars For Children’s Hospital

Bikers at Bob's Biker Blast
Bikers at Bob’s Biker Blast raise $250,000 for children – (Image courtesy of Power Sports Business)

Every year thousands of bikers assemble in Scottsdale, Arizona, to attend Bob’s Biker Blast.

This year, more than 8,000 bikers and music enthusiasts attended the event and raised $250,000 of proceeds which were donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Over the past 5-years Bob’s Biker Blast has demonstrated the overwhelming generosity of the biker/ motorcycle community and has raised over 1.7 million dollars for the children’s hospital.

Thanks to this one event held on one single day……A LOT of children are greatly impacted by the generosity of the biker community! Keep-up the AMAZING work!

Source: Power Sports Business

These are just a few stories about members of the biker community STEPPING UP and SAVING THE DAY!

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