9 Heartwarming Stories Of Pit Bulls STEPPING UP And SAVING The Day

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Photo by jvoves via Flickr (CC BY 4.0)

When we read a story about pit bulls in the news, it’s typically about a dangerous and seemingly scary dog that has attacked an innocent person – often times resulting in tragedy.

While we can’t deny that the actions of select pit bulls have negatively contributed to their reputation as a breed known for attacking, we would also like to point-out that some of the sweetest and most caring animals (canine or otherwise) that we’ve ever met were pit bulls or ‘pit bull type’ dogs.

To help showcase all the GOOD pit bulls have done – we’ve compiled 9 heartwarming examples of pit bulls STEPPING UP and SAVING the day!


#1) – Tater Tot

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Image Courtesy of Tater Tot the Amazing Pit Bull Facebook page | Angela Boone Photography.

Meet Tater Tot the pit bull. Just hours before he was set to be euthanized at the office of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control he was adopted by single mom Christi Smith. When she initially made the decision to foster Tater Tot, she had NO IDEA the amazing role the dog would play in her family’s life within the next few days.

One night – Smith’s son Peyton was lying in bed when the 10-month old pit bull began whining and barking. Tater Tot sensed something was wrong with the young boy and immediately alerted his mother.

Smith found her son struggling to breath and rushed him to the hospital where doctors quickly discovered Peyton’s blood sugar levels were dangerously low.

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Image Courtesy of Tater Tot the Amazing Pit Bull Facebook page.

Tater Tot’s keen sense of smell picked-up on the scent of ketone (a chemical produced when there is a shortage of insulin in the blood and the body breaks down body fat for energy) and alerted Smith of the danger.

Smith told Yahoo – “I wouldn’t have known Peyton was in danger had it not been for Tater Tot”.

One thing is for sure – Peyton and his mother will ALWAYS be grateful for the time their pit bull STEPPED up and SAVED the day!

Source: KSL


#2) – Droggie

Pit Bulls
Hero dog Droggie saves the day – (Screenshot courtesy of ABC 7)

A West Covina, California, man was out for an evening walk with his mother and two dogs when an unknown man began walking towards them.

The man approached the family and suddenly pulled a screwdriver from his pocket. The assailant began slashing away with the screwdriver and stabbed the man repeatedly in the arm.

Without a moment of hesitation, one of the victim’s dogs, a red-nose pit bull named Droggie decided he would do whatever it took to save his family and latched on to the assailant’s leg dragging him to the ground.

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Droggie playing with his owner – (Screenshot courtesy of ABC 7)

Droggie gave his beloved owner exactly what he needed – a few seconds to escape! The suspect was apprehended by police shortly after.

The man and his mother will always remember that night and will be forever grateful that Droggie STEPPED UP and SAVED the day!

Source: Little Things


#3) – Cain

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Cain the pit bull saves his owner from a devastating house fire – (Screenshot courtesy of NBC New York)

Jackie Bonasera was drying her hair in an upstairs bathroom of her Long Island, New York, home when she heard her dog, Cain, barking.

She ran downstairs to find the side of her garage engulfed in flames. She (because of Cain’s warning) was able to escape the house in time.

Bonasera believes she would have been trapped upstairs if Cain had not alerted her of the danger. More than 70 firefighters were needed to put out the massive fire.

We salute Cain for STEPPING UP and SAVING the day!

Source: NBC New York