9 Heartwarming Stories Of Pit Bulls STEPPING UP And SAVING The Day



#4) – Lilly

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Lilly saves her owner from an oncoming freight train – (Screenshot Courtesy of ABC News)

Meet a pit bull named Lilly who willing to take on anything to protect her owner – even a freight train!

Lilly had accompanied her owner, Christie Spain, a 54-year-old Massachusetts woman on a late-night walk when Spain became unconscious and collapsed onto train tracks.

The 8-year-old pit bull used her teeth to pull Spain off the tracks just as a train was approaching.

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Lilly recovering from her injuries – (Screenshot Courtesy of ABC News)

Lilly unfortunately lost a leg while committing her heroic act, however, her owner emerged unscathed.

This story could have had a very different ending if it wasn’t for this brave and loyal dog – THANK YOU Lilly!

Source: ABC News


#5) – Levi

Pit Bulls Saves The Day
Levi saves his owners from a gun wielding home invader – (Screenshot courtesy of ABC 13)

Levi, a 15-year-old pit bull, saved his owners when an armed robber broke into their Wisconsin home.

Bod Stenzel and his girlfriend Darcy Cherry were sitting at their kitchen when an armed robber broke into their home and demanded money.

With no money to give – the couple’s pit bull, Levi jumped into action and barked at the home intruder until he fled the property.

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Levi spending time with his owners – (Screenshot courtesy of ABC 13)

Prior to leaving, the intruder fired his gun shooting Levi in the head. Luckily – the injury wasn’t fatal as the bullet grazed Levi’s head and lodged into his shoulder.

This isn’t the first-time Levi has STEPPED up and SAVED the day! In 2014, the dog took a fall off the edge of a trail while protecting Cherry’s son. As a result – Levi needed his leg amputated.

It seems that Levi was born to be a HERO!

 Source: ABC 13

#6) – Apollo

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Apollo saves his owner from a would-be rapist – (Screenshot courtesy of ABC 7 NY)

When 18-year-old Maya Fairweather decided to take her boyfriend’s adorable 5-month-old pit bull Apollo for a walk through Brooklyn’s Red Hook Recreation Area Park, she thought it would be just another normal evening.

Mayweather felt someone suddenly jerk her headphones off and was pushed to the ground by a strange man.

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Apollo enjoys a special party in her honor – (Screenshot courtesy of ABC 7 NY)

The man started to take Fairweather’s pants off when Apollo jumped into action.

Apollo bit the attacker and clapped down on his leg. The man was eventually able to shake the dog off and escape, but not before Fairweather was able to flee her attacker.

Apollo was awarded with a special and well deserved ceremony in his honor!

 Source: Dog Time