9 Heartwarming Stories Of Pit Bulls STEPPING UP And SAVING The Day



#7) – Tank

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Hero dog Tank saves his best friend from a rabid raccoon attack – (Screenshot courtesy of FOX 17)

When 11-year old Savannah Vanese needed help – her best friend and pit bull Tank was there for her!

Vanese was tending to her family’s chickens when she found an unwelcome intruder in the coop.

Who was the intruder you ask? He was a huge rabies infested raccoon. Tank jumped into action and began fighting with the raccoon before it could approach the young-girl.

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Tank giving his owners a fashion show with his cool new shades – (Screenshot courtesy of FOX 17)

Tank was quickly victorious, however, because the racoon has rabies, Tank was required to spend 6-months in the local shelter’s quarantine.

Hopefully Tank enjoys a spectacular welcome home party upon his return!

 Source: FOX 17


#8) – Raja

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Raja the hero dog is treated for smoke inhalation by firefighters – (Screenshot courtesy of KXAN)

An Indianapolis woman thanked her pit bull Raja with endless treats after she says the dog saved her life.

Raja’s owner Jennifer Green told reporters that the pit bull alerted her when their house caught fire.

Green told reporters – “If it wasn’t for Raja, I probably wouldn’t be here. I probably would have been trapped in the basement with smoke inhalation and I would be dead”.

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Raja alerted his owner to a devastating house fire – (Screenshot courtesy of KXAN)

Thanks to Raja – Green was able to escape safely, however, firefighters had to rescue the dog from the basement and treated him for smoke inhalation.

We hope Raja enjoyed the huge steak Green prepared for him to say – THANK YOU!

Source: KXAN


#9) – Hades

Pit Bulls Save The Day
Hades hugging his owner and best friend after dragging him to safety – (Screenshot courtesy of WTVR)

When a group of kids were playing near a creek behind their apartment complex in Oregon – one of the kids accidentally stepped on a rotten log and unleashed a massive swarm of bees.

The kids tried to escape the bees and make their way toward home, but one of the children, 8-year-old Jesse-Cole Shaver couldn’t make it.

Lucky for Jesse, his pit bull Hades saw the trouble and jumped into action. He dragged the little boy up the hill and allowed him to crawl on his back.

Once Jesse was secure on Hades back – the dog took the 8-year old to his mother.

The kids say they’ll never play at that creek again, but are thankful that Hades was there to SAVE THE DAY!

Source: WTVR


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