Construction of Long Planned Landfill Expansion to Begin Next Month



City planning officials have announced intentions to begin construction on the Rudford Landfill expansion as soon as early May 2017.

The residents of Rudford Proper and surrounding areas are celebrating the announcement and say the new expansion is long past-due.

Colin Hunter, a 47-year-old general contractor told local reporters, “I am thrilled for the expansion, I have been dropping off construction waste at the Rudford Landfill for the past 15-years and to be honest, they literally ran out of room for new trash and waste.”

Customers of the 32-year-old landfill have been complaining about extended wait times when dropping off trash & waste credited to landfill employees having a difficult time finding available dumping zones for waiting and often impatient customers.

According to Phil Weathersby, a tenured Waste Management Manager, the city expects the expansion to not only better accommodate customer’s, but also create new jobs. According to Weathersby, an expected 50-75 new jobs will be created to properly oversee the expanded areas within the landfill.

Weathersby told reporters that the expansion has been slated to begin May 5, 2017 and will take an estimated 7-months to complete. The landfill will not be closed to the public during the construction.