Elderly Tiger to Relocate from Local Zoo to Colorado to Receive Advanced Care



    Representatives from the Hogan Zoo have announced their intentions to move Cloe, the 17-year-old tiger, to a small habitat in Colorado to receive advanced care.

    Hogan Zoo, a popular attraction in Conestoga Florida, first received Cloe the tiger in the year 2002 when the large cat was only 2-years-old. Cloe was originally housed and featured in a large zoo in Virginia, but was sent to the Hogan Zoo after his mother passed away and he developed what the previous Zoo-Keeper described as “behavior issues”.

    Cloe quickly became a staple of the Hogan Zoo and was a clear favorite among those that frequently visited the zoo. As Cloe reaches old age, she is beginning to develop health issues that Carlos Rumfield, Hogan Zoo’s Assistant Chief Executive says cannot be properly treated locally.

    Cloe’s last day at the Hogan Zoo will be June 3, 2017, at which point she will be transferred to a small habitat in Colorado to receive advanced medical care and live out the remainder of her life. According to Rumfiled, the zoo intends to throw a farewell party in Cloe’s honor on June 2, 2017. Tickets to the ‘Farewell Cloe’ event can be purchased in advance at the zoo’s website.

    When asked in the zoo intends to replace Cloe with another tiger, Rumfield told reporters that they will eventually need to find a tiger to replace Cloe, but will spend some time finding a large cat that is a good fit for the Hogan Zoo.

    Frequent visitors of the Hogan Zoo have expressed sadness about one of the zoo’s most popular attractions leaving, but are grateful for the specialized care the animal will receive.