Idaho Mayor Recognizes Town For Decrease In Crime Rate

Neighborhood Watch from Flickr via Wylio
© 2008 GHR2009, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

A neighborhood in the small town of West Bend, Idaho, received high recognition from the town’s mayor Thomas Windwram over the weekend.

The recognition came in the form of a press-conference held at the West Bend capital grounds. According to Mayor Windwram, the citizens of West Bend have decreased their crime rate by more than half over the past year.

According to local police statistics the town had a crime rate of 17.85% as of December 1st 2015. When authorities analyzed the most recent data spanning from December 2nd 2015 – December 1st 2016, the crime rate was reduced to 8.03%.

According to Mayor Windwram, the largest impact came from a neighborhood located in West Bend who decreased their crime rate by more than half, drastically bringing down the towns overall crime rate.

The high crime rate reported within the West Bend neighborhood last year was primarily made-up of property crimes. The neighborhood made a huge effort to limit the crimes committed in their neighborhood and according to Mayor Windwram, it paid off big time.

When asked how they were able to make such a drastic impact a short duration, residents of the neighborhood said it all started with awareness and the creation of a dedicated neighborhood watch. According to members of the neighborhood watch, multiple men and women came together and they ensured they had nightly citizen patrol coverage of their neighborhood.

The citizens of West Bend are proud of the progress they made when working together and say that the politicians and neighborhood watch members across the country should take notes.