Local Coffee Shop Raided/Shut Down for Illegal Gambling



The local coffee shop, Latte on the Go, was raided by local police Thursday morning and temporarily shut down for illegal gambling.

The small coffee shop located in Bruswick Florida, was opened in 2013 and has maintained steady business and growth. According to police, however, the bulk of Latte on the Go customers were frequenting the local coffee shop for more than a cup of joe on the way into work – they were regularly gambling on ‘house laptops’ set-up and stationed at all tables and booths within the coffee shop.

According to police, the coffee shop has been offering customers a place to gamble illegally for at least the past 2-years, however, until recently, they didn’t have enough evidence to raid the shop, so they continued their investigation.

The coffee shop was raided at approximately 10:00 AM on Thursday morning. News cameras caught 4-coffee shop employees and 13-customers in handcuffs being led out the coffee shop’s entrance by police.

According to police, several complaints were issued by nearby businesses who didn’t want their company’s brand to be associated with the illegal activities taking place next door.

Police seized upwards of 42-computers from the coffee shop among the additional miscellaneous evidence that was collected during the raid.

It’s unclear if the coffee shop’s owner, Daniel Franker, will be permitted to reopen the doors of his 4-year-old coffee shop, however, as of today, the shop is closed.

According to police, these types of storefront illegal gambling operations are common in the area and they have been instructed by government officials to begin targeting them heavily.