Lost Dog Causes 4 Car Accident In Residential Seattle Neighborhood



A lost black lab was the cause of a four car pile-up in a residential neighborhood located in Seattle.

The dog’s owner has yet to come forward, however officials believe the black lab’s owners are residents of the Serenity apartment complex across the street from where the accident occurred.

According to police reports, the accident was set in motion when the black lab attempted to cross the road and a driver distracted by her phone had to slam on breaks at the last second to avoid hitting the lost animal with her vehicle.

Reports indicate that once the first driver unexpectedly slammed on her breaks the car behind her crashed into her vehicle’s rear-end.  This caused the two vehicles trailing the first two cars to unexpectedly swerve and slam on their breaks causing them to collide.

It has been reported that none of the drivers or passengers within the four cars sustained serious injuries, however are shook-up over the incident.

Additionally, though no serious injuries were reported, there was apparently upwards of $50,000 worth of damages done to the four vehicles involved. One of the drivers told reporters that they will be seeking retributions from the black lab’s owner.

Local police have been working diligently to find the black lab’s owner and say that they will more than likely be issuing a citation to the owner once they locate him/her.

Animal Control units were called and were on-scene within minutes of the crash. They located the dog in a nearby neighborhood within 15 minutes of the accident and escorted him to their local animal shelter. The dog did have a tag on his collar that identified him as ‘Rocky’, however the tag did not include a phone number or address. It was reported that the lab did not have a chip or tracking device. The representative also indicated that due to the damages caused by the animal, they have been asked to euthanize it.

Those involved in the accident told reporters that they hope the lost dog’s owner decides to do the right thing and take accountability for their pet’s actions.