Seattle Woman Finds $307 Buried In Her Flower Bed


Julie Carson received the surprise of a lifetime when she found approximately $307 buried in the flower bed found outside of her Seattle home.

Carson, the Seattle born 73-year old widow told local reporters that she loves yard work and gardening and attempts to work in the front yard all year long. She explained to reporters that since the passing of her husband in 2013, she has poured her heart and soul into gardening and yard work as it’s a hobby that she can take pride in while staying busy. Many of Carson’s neighbors within her quiet neighborhood told reporters that they enjoy driving past Janice’s home and viewing her flowers and kept lawn.

According to Carson, she was spending time doing some yard work over the weekend while she could bear the weather when she came across the sizable amount of cash.

Carson found the money in a large manila envelope buried about two feet underground. She told reporters that she when she first spotted the buried envelope, she assumed that it was trash and didn’t think much about it. She realized that the envelope contained more than trash when she pulled it out of the ground and instantly felt the weight of the envelope.

Though Carson has no idea where the money came from, she told reporters that she could really use the additional funds, but is willing to turn it over to the rightful owner if they come forward.

Upon finding the money, Carson called her local police department to report her findings. Though the police were grateful for her honesty, they did not feel that the $307 finding was worth investigating and informed Carson that she could do whatever she wanted with the found money.

Carson told reporters that if the money goes unclaimed for 2 weeks, she plans to use the funds to go towards a new furnace which according to Janice is in desperate need of repair. Carson’s friends and family say that Julie is one of the most caring individuals that they know and they hope she decides to keep the funds and do something nice and well deserved for herself.