Mugshots Across the Border | Bad Hombre Edition


Bad Hombre

Recently, the media has shared many stories of non-criminal illegal immigrants that are hard-workers and make large contributions within their respective communities.

We believe that the average American understands that there are many non-criminal illegal immigrants that are working long and hard hours to provide a better life for their families. These are NOT the illegal immigrants that America at large are concerned about. We don’t care to see, or necessarily want to see, increased deportation of non-criminal illegal immigrants working hard to contribute to society.

That said, the fact remains – many illegal immigrants ARE criminals and through violent and heinous crimes have demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the laws and regulations governing our society.

As we continue to work towards the development of a rational immigration policy – THESE are the illegal immigrants we should be focused on finding and returning to their country of origin.

Bad Hombre Mugshot #1

Bad Hombre

Name: Sergio Solares-Perez

Previously Deported: Yes (2012)

Location of Arrest: ST. George, UT

Details of Alleged Crime: SolaresPerez, a foreign national accused of illegally returning to the United States after he was previously deported, is accused of using a .357 magnum revolver to shoot at two male victims after a fight broke out among his group of friends. According to a federal indictment, Solares-Perez was previously deported on January 7, 2012 and was found back in the United States while in possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Original Source: The Spectrum 

Bad Hombre Mugshot #2

Bad Hombre

Name: Salvador Vasquez-Oliva

Previously Deported: Unknown

Location of Arrest: San Francisco (Sanctuary City), CA

Details of Alleged Crime: Vasquez-Oliva, 56, was arrested and charged with four counts of murder after allegedly confessing to his cousin that he had murdered his wife, her two children (age 11 & 14), and her 21-year-old niece.

Original Source: KCRA

Bad Hombre Mugshot #3

Bad Hombre

Name: Fernando Gomez-Nuñez

Previously Deported: Unknown

Location of Arrest: Cumberland County, NC

Details of Alleged Crime: Gomez-Nuñez was arrested after he reportedly struck and killed 55-year-old retired police sergeant, Curtis Glasscock, with his vehicle. According to reports, Glasscock was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle when he was stuck by Gomez-Nuñez in his 1999 green Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Gomez-Nuñez fled the scene on foot, but was later arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter, felony hit and run, and no operator’s license. According to Glasscock’s obituary, the retired police sergeant leaves behind a wife, three daughters, and three grandchildren.

Original Source: The Fayetteville Observer

Bad Hombre Mugshot #4

Bad Hombre

Name: Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramires

Previously Deported: Arrested by ICE in January 2011 & April 2016, but released on bond both times.

Location of Arrest: San Antonio, TX

Details of Alleged Crime: Garcia-Ramires, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico has been arrested and charged with shooting Jennifer Delgado, a 15-year-old girl from Texas. Delgado was said to be pregnant with Garcia-Ramires’ second child at the time of her murder. Responding officers discovered the teenage mother dead from multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

Original Source: Daily Mail 

Bad Hombre Mugshot #5

Bad Hombre

Name: Gustavo Marquez

Previously Deported: No – Marquez is a ‘DREAMER’.

Location of Arrest: Colorado Springs, CO

Details of Alleged Crime: According to authorities, Marquez, 19, was booked on first-degree murder and kidnapping charges in the death of two teenagers (age 15 & 16). The teenagers were reportedly found dead on the side of a Colorado road, about 15-miles from their high school. Although the deaths have been ruled as homicides, the cause or motivation behind the slayings remains unclear.

Original Source: ABC News