Mugshots Across the Border | Bad Hombre Edition


Bad Hombre Mugshot #6

Bad Hombre

Name: Jose Humberto

Previously Deported: Unkown

Location of Arrest: Raleigh, NC

Details of Alleged Crime: 18-year-old, Salvadoran, Jose Humberto, has been charged with the murder of a man whose body was found dead on a Raleigh greenway trail. According to police, the 28-year-old murder victim, Fredys Odilo Cid Ramos, died of apparent strangulation.

Original Source: WNCN

Bad Hombre Mugshot #7

Bad Hombre

Name: Claudia Yanira Cedeno-Arce

Previously Deported: YES (December 3, 2015).

Location of Arrest: Harlingen, TX

Details of Alleged Crime: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have arrested 34-year-old, Claudia Yanira Cedeno-Arce, a Mexican citizen with a pending assault charge who attempted to illegally re-enter the United States.

Original Source:  CBS News 4

Bad Hombre Mugshot #8

Bad Hombre

Name: Gil Gaxiola

Previously Deported: Unknown

Location of Arrest: Cochise County, AZ.

Details of Alleged Crime: 33-year-old drug smuggler, Gil Gaxiola, has been convicted of attempted murder, along with seven additional charges, in the brutal assault of Karen Gonzales, a national park service worker. In addition to attempted murder, Gaxiola was allegedly charged with being in the country illegally.

Original Source: Willcox Range News 

Bad Hombre Mugshot #9

Bad Hombre

Name: Hugo Baltazar-Ramirez

Previously Deported: Unknown

Location of Arrest: Austin, TX

Details of Alleged Crime: Mexican national Hugo Baltazar-Ramirez was arrested and charged with assaulting a federal deportation officer. The 23-year-old illegal immigrant ran from an ICE officer and when the arresting officer caught-up to Baltazar-Ramirez, the two men struggled and Baltazar-Ramirez slammed the ICE agent’s head against the ground several times.

Original Source: The Statesman 

Bad Hombre Mugshot #10

Bad Hombre

Name: Geovanny Perez-Cruz

Previously Deported: No – Perez-Cruz is a ‘DREAMER’.

Location of Arrest: Fayetteville, AR

Details of Alleged Crime: Geovanny Perez-Cruz, an 18-year-old Springdale man pleaded guilty in Washington County Circuit Court to first degree battery after he shot a man in the arm outside of a Wal-Mart department store.

Original Source: Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette