Popular Local Sushi Bar Announces Plans to Franchise


sushiLoyal customers of the popular local sushi bar, Blue Dragon Sushi, are thrilled to hear the news of their favorite sushi restaurant expanding and creating additional franchise locations.

Lee Nguyen, Blue Dragon Sushi owner and active member of the community made an announcement on social media over the weekend stating his intention to begin a Blue Dragon Sushi franchise.

According to Nguyen, he is currently accepting applications for potential franchise owners and will be opening a second Blue Dragon Sushi as early as fall 2017.

Blue Dragon Sushi was founded in 1998 by Nguyen and his younger brother. It soon found itself to be a favorite among locals and is known for having some of the freshest sushi rolls in the area. If you have been to Blue Dragon Sushi (and you probably have), you know that the line to get in the building (especially on weekends) can be extremely long.

Nguyen credits much of his restaurant’s success to finding the most qualified sushi chefs. According to Nguyen – none of his success would be possible without the assistance of his 6-long-time sushi chefs.

According to Nguyen, if the first franchised Blue Dragon Sushi is a success, he intends to open 3-4 additional franchises throughout 2018.

The location of the second Blue Dragon Sushi is currently undetermined; however, Nguyen has indicated the restraint would be within 20-miles of the original.

For those that are un-trusting of the quality one could expect from a franchised sushi bar, Nguyen assured the skeptics that proper training and oversight would be provided to the potential franchise owner.

Fans of Blue Dragon Sushi should be on the look-out for the second location by October 2017.