Seattle Man Suffers Critical Injuries After Freak Garage Door Accident

Image blurred due to the graphic nature of the injuries
Image blurred due to the graphic nature of the injuries

Greg Wright, a 29-year old Seattle resident has been released from the hospital after what many are calling a ‘freak accident’ involving an old garage door on Monday night.

According to witnesses, Wright had spent his Monday evening hanging out with friends at a Downtown Seattle residence. At approximately 7:00 PM, Wright joined a group of his friends in the residence’s garage when the old wooden garage door malfunctioned and unexpectedly slammed down.

Witnesses indicated that Courtney Hunsaker, a 26-year old woman holding her newborn baby was standing directly beneath the malfunctioning garage door when Wright pushed the woman aside bearing the entirety of the garage door on his own head.

The force of the 350-pound garage door knocked Wright unconscious and left him with a 5-inch cut across the top of his head. The injury caused Wright to lose a massive amount of blood as the garage door punctured 2 arteries within his head.

Wright was rushed to the hospital where he underwent an intensive surgery to cauterize the 2 punctured arteries and required 29 staples to close the cut on his head.

Though Wright told friends and family that he just did what any man would do in the moment, Courtney Hunsaker tells a different story. She made the following statement to reporters, “Greg literally saved my baby’s life. I will definitely be naming my next baby after the man that saved their big brothers life.” According to Hunsaker, she has always had romantic feelings towards Wright and hopes this incident will bring them even closer together.

When asked how he felt about his seemingly quick recovery, Wright told reporters, “I would just like to thank God and the 2016 Seattle Seahawks”.

Wright has been released from the hospital and is on-track to make a speedy recovery.