Shopping Center ‘Beefs Up’ Security After Continued Increase in Theft



According to Devin Aires, a spokesperson for the Hillbrook Shopping Center, the 15,000-square foot shopping mall has hired upwards of 23 new employees for their security department in attempt to reduce shoplifting.

Aires told reporters that several shop-owners that are renting space at the mall have complained about a continued increase to items stolen from their stores. The mall’s asset recovery department has estimated a roughly 17% increase to reported instances of shoplifting from 2015-current.

According to Aires, he’s hopeful that the visual presence of the additional security guards will be a powerful deterrent against future would-be shoplifters.

The shopping center has long been a popular destination for locals and is typically full of teenagers attempting to pass time. According to Aires, he is willing to do whatever it takes to provide a secure and profitable future for his store-owners and a comfortable shopping experience for the mall’s 8,000 daily customers.

In addition to the 23-new security employees already hired and deployed at the shopping mall, Aires intends to hire an additional 8-10 new security personal by the end of May 2017.

If you are interested in pursuing a security role at the Hillbrook Shopping Center, Aires told reporters that the security position is still available online and can be found at the careers section of the mall’s website.