Community Protests Texas Country Club For Mistreatment Of Interracial Couples


Country Club

Jackson Hollow, a popular membership-only country club located in a small affluent township just outside of Houston has become the subject of heavy criticism after publicly announcing their plans to ban membership to all interracial couples.

The private country club includes an 18-hole golf course, practice facility (including a driving range & putting green), 3 on-site golf instructors, fine dining, and a club house that is often used to host banquets and weddings. The country club was originally founded by investor/golf enthusiast Ronald Langley and is currently owned and operated by Carter Dalton, a 52-year old multi-millionaire that initially acquired his wealth via the real-estate industry, however has focused primarily on Jackson Hollow since 1994.

According to statements made to reporters by Dalton, the decision to revoke interracial couple’s membership to the affluent country club was a “member-driven” initiative. Dalton made the following statement in an interview with Lucas Mathers on a local NBC affiliate station, “As a privately owned (country) club, our members are part-owners and the driving force behind any and all decisions pertaining to Jackson Hollow”.

Dalton explained to the NBC affiliate reporter that the majority of Jackson Hollow members fall within a “certain social class” and that the majority of the members maintain a very conservative belief system. According to Dalton, Jackson Hollow is very family oriented and it’s not uncommon for husband and wife couples to do the majority of their golfing and dinning at the country club together. Dalton made the following statement to Mathers, “Over the past several years, we have received overwhelming feedback from many of our valued members that the amount of interracial couples utilizing the country club’s golf-course and fine dining establishment has become an unwanted distraction. As I previously stated, most all decisions, small or large are member driven, we have the responsibility of creating the environment that our valued members expect.”

According to Dalton, the country club will be revoking the membership of approximately 107 interracial couples in addition to denying any new memberships to interracial couples. Dalton indicated that all affected members have been notified and that the controversial policy is in effect immediately. According to Dalton, the affected members received a pro-rated refund of their mandatory monthly and yearly dues, however will not be receiving any refunds as it pertains to the initial $120,000 – $185,000 buy-in fees that they were required to pay prior to being granted membership to the country club.

This isn’t the first time Jackson Hollow has found itself in the midst of media controversy, throughout the summer months of 2014, the country club received criticism when photos were taken and released on-line of several teenagers playing golf at Jackson Hollow while wearing tee-shirts that displayed “#WLMM” (White Lives Matter Most). It was later uncovered that the teenagers displayed in the pictures were the children of several Jackson Hollow members.

It’s currently unclear what impact this controversial policy will have on the country club’s acquisition of new members, however experts are minimally expecting to see a slight decrease to new memberships.